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The photographs on this site have been contributed by various users so that others may use them in the creation of graphics for use on web pages, cards, etc. The copyrights for the individual photo in its original state is retained by the contributor.

If you are unsure about the use of an individual image, please contact Laura: library 'at' pirc-photogallery 'dot' com, and we will try to locate the contributor.

Some things you may NOT do:

  • Include these images in any other collection including a CD.
  • Include these images in any type of publication without the contributor's permission.
  • Sell these images.
  • Claim these images as your own.

Some things you may do:

  • Make backgrounds (including collections) from the images.
  • Modify them for use on e-cards or a web page background.
  • Crop out bits and pieces (such as flowers) to share as objects, tubes, etc.
  • Make a logo from parts of the images.
  • Create stationery with modified parts of the images.
  • Make t-shirts, cups, mouse mats, etc. from modified images.
  • Use your imagination to come up with an endless number of uses.

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